From the first half of September the weather in St. Petersburg is usually quite warm and remains comparatively mild until mid-October. The trees changing their colors, the leaves turn from green to gold and the parks burst with color, making it the most picturesque and outstanding season of the imperial St Petersburg.

But later the weather quickly becomes damp and chilly, with the first ground frosts. In the mid-October cold and rain along with crisp bronze sunlight, but in return it also offers you the most scenic month with golden-amber leaves flying into the air and covering the ground.

With the onset of November the city begins to freeze again and become dark and cold. At some stage it starts snowing and temperatures plunge down, reminding us that the Russian winter is coming. The average temperature ranges from 4°C to 0°C.

However, if you think that this season may seem the least interesting of the four, we can honestly tell you that you’re wrong. The beauty and grace of the fall in St Petersburg is so unique with it’s unimaginable colors and sense of calmness in the air. It’s just a magical time for many Russians, and for you too if you’ll come.

If you`re planning an event in Autumn we will be glad to offer you an excursion program tailored to the weather conditions of St. Petersburg during this period, as well as tracking the festive and cultural events.