Spring in St. Petersburg may be quite various. It comes to St. Petersburg at the very end of March. The beginning of Spring is more like Winter – its frost, windy and even snowy. Day by day it`s getting warmer and Winter slightly goes away.

The city comes alive fast after the long winter and, despite the residual cold, the locals tend to be in celebratory mood. In the middle of March Russians traditionally celebrate the Maslenitsa and burn an effigy of Winter. Jokes of buffoons, merrymaking, dances, fairs, hot pancakes and hot drinks do their job – the holiday is fun and amicable.

You can expect the first signs of warm weather in April, when the temperatures begin to rise up to 4 ° C, and the first rays of sun make the days brighter and warmer.

With temperatures getting higher in May, the sight of the ice from Lake Ladoga flowing down the city`s waterways out into the Gulf of Finland is quite spectacular. By the end of May the grass on the lawns begins to turn green and the first spring flowers – snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, tulips, are blooming. You can expect thunderstorms in May.

If you`re planning an event in Spring we will be glad to offer you an excursion program tailored to the weather conditions of St. Petersburg during this period, as well as tracking the festive and cultural events.