With the beginning of June, Summer comes to St. Petersburg. By this time, nature is fully awakes, and the riot of colors reaches its apogee.

Weather varies from year to year, but generally it’s warm with temperatures between 16°C and 25°C, but recently hot periods are frequent, when it’s 30°C or 32°C, sometimes. July and August are considered the hottest and wettest months, though the middle of August onwards you will start to feel cooler and see more frequent showers or thunderstorms.

Actually, even when the weather is sunny and dry, there’s almost always a chance of rain, so you can expect a bit of any kind of weather conditions, sometimes even within a day.

Having an umbrella is a quite common attribute to Petersburgers and Northern Capital guests, so don’t forget yours one.

St. Petersburg`s White Nights, which run from the end of May through to mid-July, are legendary. The city is in full swing and nicely illuminated by almost 24 hours of daylight.

In the seemingly endless twilight, when the sun dips below the horizon for little more than an hour just after midnight, the city has an unforgettable, dream-like beauty that is truly breathtaking. Need I say that the magic of the White Nights gives the most unforgettable impressions? Take a stroll along the embankment of Neva River or do a boat trip along the canals or just watch the magnificent drawbridges – you will get precious, incomparable memories.

From the mid-July till the end of August, when temperatures reach 25°C, many citizens head to the beach of Peter and Paul fortress at Zayachii island or go swimming in the nearest lake. However, such joy is short because by August the heat begins to decline. 

And yet, neither the wind, nor the thunderstorms, nor the rains can stop tourists, rushing to the city-museum on the Neva River to see the gorgeous sights of the legendary Petersburg. 

All this makes Summer the most popular time of the year for visitors. If you`re planning an event in Summer we will be glad to offer you an excursion program tailored to the weather conditions of St. Petersburg during this period, as well as tracking the festive and cultural events.