Winter in St. Petersburg comes a bit later than in other regions of Russia. Only by the beginning of December, a temperature drops, the snow totally covers the streets and the finest, like Venetian glass, ice binds the rivers and canals.

The winter period of time here is relatively mild, but often – capricious and changeable. Generally the average temperature is -8°C, though January and February are usually the most snowy and coldest month with temperatures ranging from -2°C to -20°C. However, exceptional years, the minimum temperatures can reach -40°C.

You can expect to see temperatures rise above freezing only at the mid-March and all of the snow and ice to start melting by mid-April. It should be mentioned that the average duration of winter in St Petersburg has been tend to reduce recent years.

Its cold and dark, but its also wonderfully atmospheric, and the city never looks more beautiful than when the sun finally rises on streets covered in fresh snow, so just be prepared and keep the warm clothes and shoes with you.

If you`re planning an event in Winter we will be glad to offer you an excursion program tailored to the weather conditions of St. Petersburg during this period, as well as tracking the festive and cultural events.